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Revolver Shield Championships


Latest issue of 'Guns On The Rail' - February 2015, Vol 2, No 1


The SAPSF Executive will be meeting for its biennial summit in Warmbaths from 20 to 22 February. Agenda is in this newsletter.


Firearms Control Act. In the previous Guns on the Rail we referred to the working draft of a proposed Firearms Control Act. More info in this newsletter.


You’ve just had the perfect run. One shot, one pin. Your first sub-three second run on Stock Gun, probably the first in South Africa! Then it’s ‘Unload-and-Show-Clear’... Read what the Chief RO has to say about what happens next.


Welcome to the home of Pin Shooting in Gauteng.

GPSA incorporating Mountain Tactical Shooting Club is affiliated to the South African Pin Shooting Federation (SAPSF).

Pin shooting originated in the U.S.A. and was the brainchild of Richard Davis of Soft Body Armour of Second Chance fame. This informal and spectator friendly sport has become one of the most popular of shooting sports in the United States of America. Pin shooting is inexpensive, fast, visually exciting and basically simple.

The objective is to shoot bowling pins off a table at a distance of 7.6 meters. This sounds quite easy, but as with every sport there is a catch, because the 1.6 kg pins must be driven right off the table.

A match can be run either as a timed event or an elimination event. The expenditure of ammunition depends greatly on the shooter’s skill level.

Pin shooting offers instant visual satisfaction to the spectator and shooter alike. Action is fast and furious.